We give a clear signal of our interest in solution by spending our time on marking problems with the help of the beacon (see AUGMENTING REALITY). Situations where this is sufficient to start the process of solving the problem will not be seen here. Let’s observe the main tools to transform needs in demand, where just marking is not enough and we should collect resources.
When solution is NOT within the competence of the institutions that you keep for your taxes.
It means that to solve the problem, we most likely need to spend our time or other resources. The next tools will be useful for such tasks:
– Personal Fund.
Any financial transaction in the system pass through your personal fund. It provides you with maximum control over own money. For example, you will be able to carry out the return of your donation to any project, program, etc., at any time of collecting money, which is impossible in regular systems. This is necessary condition for switching donation into mechanizm of social investment. 
You can also operate both in existing currency or in accounting units (ICAN), which is convenient to work with non-financial resources (contribution in kind). 
Legal entities (for example, foundations) has an extra mechanism – to issue liabilities in local currency (promissory note). It means that our platform needs not in mandatory transferring money into the system, and it creates more flexible opportunities for co-financing from various sources and even countries. We call it “to raise money without money”, and plan to provide access for this opportunity also to private users in the future.
– Program.
This is an IT-tool for co-management resources. It has additional option for weighted voting by co-investors, option to collect project proposal for a program, and mechanism to define best proposals and performers for financing.
It may be useful for parents’ committees in schools, co-financing with local budget, grant programs, condominiums, and so on.
Not to be confused with the crowdfunding!
If we are not ready to spend our time or other resources for solution, it is likely we marked something, which is not a problem for us in fact.
Collecting of any kind of resources by users  around their concerns is a clear demand and signal to professionals and entrepreneurs who can offer their solutions to the problem (for details, see Solving Problems)
When solution is within the competence of the institutions that you keep for your taxes.

In this case, necessary transformation means moving the signal from this system into the internal documents’ system of the concrete institution. As there is no unique document’s system for all institutions, there are a lot of variations how to do it, which are regulated by law and\or internal rules. The most popular – online petitions, appeal of citizens etc. So, tis system allow any interested institution to integrate any element (for example, the results of public voting on a particular issue, and so on). Method of integration also can be different – by API or by simple sending results to email of concrete department for consideration. Ask for details

This system also can be useful for institutions, which try to reach pro-active level of management.