Created set of IT-tools for problem-solving an cover wide range of problems. It can be crowd-source problem-solving around citizen-generated data challenges and/or in partnership with business or authorities. According to your task, you can use only one, or combination of the next tools:
Every card of the SOS beacon type has a button for interaction (in top right) with a special menu, which allows you to:
– To confirm the accuracy of the information. It is very often when people can not provide necessary help (have no competence etc), but at least can confirm the accuracy of the signal and its information.
– To pick up signal for providing help. Anybody, who has a competence and possibility to provide help as volunteer or specialist of appropriate service can use it.
– To mark that problem is solved – and there is no more need in help.
Every card of Beacon has an option for comments, which used as journal of users actions and as a communication tool for better coordination.
Better level of interaction between the relevant services and residents in rescuing people can be achieved with a help of digital networking (check below). During winter 2016-2017 we’ll provide a pilot with the State Emergency Service in Ukraine, and we are open for cooperation with other agencies and countries. 
e-Voting. This is IT-tool for decision-making and research opinions, which has options for direct, delegative, and weighted voting. It can be useful for making decisions by co-investors, partners, members of closed groups, or local communities and societies. This tool can be integrated with online petitions, online reception of MPs and other official instruments. Ask for details
Project. This is a tool to propose solution for the marked problem(s) or without connection with any marked problem; it has an option for crowdfunding in currency, in ICAN-units and in promissory notes. Ask for details
Project proposal. This is an IT-tool for active citizens and social entrepreneurs (including non-profits) to apply for Programs. Ask for details
– Proposal to the participatory budgetThis IT-tool can be used to apply for participatory budget, where local self-government has it. Ask for details
Request for help. This is IT-tooll for regular charity help to the concrete person (medical operation etc) Ask for details
Although the system already has these tools it is open for an integration by API with any other tools, which you already use, for example crowdfunding platforms etc. This concept aimed at the development of the Digital Networking.

“Digital Networking” means for us private efforts with a help of the ICT, which can produce additional value based on synergy effect. The system includes several fragments, where applicable Digital networking:

– Interaction of individuals and legal entities on the map. It can be illustrated by the organization of rescue people with a wide participation of volunteers during natural disasters etc, and we will add here links to illustrate other spheres. 
– Cooperation of active citizens and non-profit organizations on the basis of the “decentralized” crowdfunding. This approach means more powerful role of the community philanthropy organizations with more options for sustainability.  Ask for details
– Mixing of the different layers for a deeper analysis of the causes of the problem and for developing better solution.
– Creation specialized services as a web-page on your existing web-site or creation new specialized website with a help of Iframe with pre filtering. It means that it is not necessary any more to spend extra time for collecting information from your partners, and to place it on your page etc. Huge number of local partners, members of your network, volunteers etc generate all necessary information during every day of their activities (check Augmenting reality and information above) instead of spending extra time for collecting and sending information to you and other interested institutions. All you need – pre filtering to define what kind of information are you interested to get, and your web-page (site) will get it automatically in real time.  For example, it can be vision of the burning issues (marked issues and activities) world wide at the web-site of the Global Fund for Community Foundations.
The main difference of our approach in comparison to labels with info on google map – ALL OUR BEACONS ARE INTERACTIVE. It is necessary for development participatory approach within your tasks. So, you can get smart visualization as well as tools to involve people and institutions for Smart Philanthropy
Please, tell us more about your concrete task, and we will try to find what kind of tools will be more useful for further discussion with you.